Large Circle in Square Blanket

My goodness! I finally finished this sucker! Between my work schedule and the¬†stinking shoulder issues I’ve been dealing with, it probably took twice if not three times as long for me to make. In any case, I’m very very happy with how it came out. I don’t even mind the imperfections that I found when I was seaming the squares together.¬†Besides no will notice them but me, any way!

I hope the pattern is easy enough to read and I’ve created a charted graph to help visualize the pattern. I am admittedly not that great at written patterns yet, so if you have any¬†suggestions or corrections, please let me know in¬†a comment below.


Circle In Square Blanket - Cera Boutique

SIC bed angle

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Large Circle in Square pattern: 

Round 1: Create a magic circle (or chain 4 and sl st into starting chain to form a ring) and ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), make 11 dc inside ring. Sl st in top of starting ch 3 and fasten off.

Round 2: With a new color, insert hook in space between dc of previous round, dc2tog, Chain 1. Crochet 1 dc2tog and ch 1 in each remaining space. Sl st in top of starting dc2tog and fasten off.

Round 3: With a new color, ch 3 in chain 1 space, 2 dc in same space. Make 3 dc in each remaining space around. Sl st into top of starting ch 3 and fasten off.

Round 4: With a new color, insert hook in space between 3 dc groups, crochet 1 dc2tog, Ch 1 and crochet one more dc2tog in same space. Chain 1 (dc2tog, chain 1, dc2tog) in each space around. Sl st into top of starting dc2tog and fasten off.

Round 5: With a new color, chain 3 in chain space of previous round, 2 dc in same space. 3 dc in each remaining space around. Sl st into top of starting ch 3 and fasten off.

Round 6: With a new color, (2dctog, ch 1, 2dctog) in each space around. (no need for a chain between groupings in this round). Sl st into top of starting 2dctog and fasten off.

Round 7: With a new color, 2dctog, ch 1 in each space around. Sl st into top of starting 2dctog and do not fasten off.

Round 8: Ch 1 and sc in next ch 1 space, chain 2. Sc in next space, then ch 2. Repeat in remaining spaces. Sl st in firt sc and fasten off.

Round 9: With border color, insert hook into any chain space, ch 4 (counts as 1 tr crochet), 1 tr in same space, chain 3, 2 tr in same space (corner created). Tr in next 2 spaces. Dc in next 2 spaces, hdc in next 2 spaces, sc in next 2 spaces, hdc in next 2 spaces, dc in next 2 spaces, tr crochet in next 2 spaces, 2 tr in next space,  chain 3, 2 treble crochet in same space. Continue this way around the circle. Do not fasten off.

Round 10: With same border color, ch 3 (counts as first dc), dc in each stitch around, 2 dc, chain 3, 2 dc in corner space. Continue around the square in this manner. Sl st in starting ch 3 and fasten off.

Yarn used: Caron Simply soft yarn

Hook used: 5 mm 



Cera Boutique-circle-in-square-web chart



Vicky Brehm – Cera Boutique 2016




Market Totes

Honestly, I think these market bags were made to distract me from another project that was going slowly. I was deep in the makings of the Large Circle in Square Blanket, which ended up being a king size bed topper. I got tired of doing the same thing over and over, so I wanted a quick win, which turned into a¬†huge ordeal on its own…

So here goes. I have my yarn some what organized by type and sometimes I like to challenge myself to use up all one variety (so I can have a reason to by more, of course).¬†I started with the green, brown and tan that I had in I Love This Cotton Yarn¬†(which is very¬†soft, by the way). I began¬†following¬†Jen Mitchell’s super easy and awesome pattern, Beach Waves Bag. I finished that one and successfully depleted my stock of those colors. Hooray! Then I was inclined to make another using what I had in the blues and whites¬†same brand of yarn. Turns out I had quite a bit of that! I made a second bag following the same pattern. Then a third following a modified version of Brittany’s Granny Square Tote Pattern. Then a fourth, at this point free-styling and using techniques from all of the patterns. Successfully using most of the yarn I had in that brand. I only ended up with¬†about a half a sandwich bags worth left. Mission accomplished! “But what if little things try to find their way out of the little holes?” you ask? “Well I guess I’ll have to line them with fabric.” I said. Here we go again… More trips to the craft store, this time for fabric and then¬†I had¬†to drag out the sewing machine too. I’m not even good at sewing!!! What kind of crafty monster had I allowed myself to dream up, while simply looking for a quick win? Who knows, but I was determined to complete each and everyone of these handy helpers! I was on a role and I got them all done. And I’m proud of what I made and I use the green one almost everyday! Hooray!!!


Beach Waves Bag

Pattern by Jen Mitchell


These bags where made from an adapted pattern:



Vicky Brehm – Cera Boutique 2016


Christmas Gifts 2015

I had so much fun making all these crafty things for my friends and family this Christmas season. I hope they are all happy in their respective homes and that they are being used and enjoyed!

I have included as many links as I could, I hope it is helpful. And I hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season!


Fingerless Gloves

Easy Crochet Wristers

Rainbow Happy Fun Pouch

Zipper Pouch


Isar Scarf


Patons Sock Yarn FX Scarf

DSC03572Buttercream Luxe Craft Mohair Metallic Scarfs

Vicky Brehm – Cera Boutique 2016