Crochet Cotton Lunch Tote Pattern

Easy crochet bag pattern for beginners. Perfect for carrying toys, small items or even a nice lunch!

Project info

Name: Cotton Lunch Tote
Pattern: Cotton Lunch Tote by Vicky Brehm
Craft: Crochet

Hooks & yarn

Hook: 5.0 mm (H)



Blue Cotton Lunch Tote


Pink Cotton Lunch Tote

Green Cotton Lunch Tote


9 thoughts on “Crochet Cotton Lunch Tote Pattern

  1. After tearing out round 11 four times I have discovered that the terminology is not correct for this tote. Instead of dc2tog, it should be 2 dc in the same ch 1 space and instead of dc3tog on round 12, it should be 3 dc in the same ch 1 space.


      1. Hi. I like this pattern but can you make rounds 11 and 12 more clear? Can we start with the next step right after round 10? Also, considering Ms. Lisa’s reply, do I still make the dc2tog and dc3tog? Thanks.


      2. I have made some edits to the pattern. I hope they make the pattern a little easier to follow. Let me know if there is anything else I could do to improve this pattern. Sorry for the confusion.



  2. I thought that rounds 11 and 12 we’re wrong but they aren’t…if you do 2 dc for a dc2tog it will throw the stitch count off….what about the flower…,there must be a round 3 because looking at the photo there’s no way that’s right..,,,


    1. I’m sorry you’re having trouble with this pattern. It has been so long since I’ve made this, I’m not sure I know how to help you at this time.
      My sincerest apologies.


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