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Retro Crochet Ornament Pattern

These were a joy to make and really easy too. Using everyday yarn and simple stitch, I was able to design two simple semi circles that are easily sewn around glass ornaments. The stitches used are simple enough making it perfect for a beginner crocheter. Think of it as a spherical 2 squared granny square blanket. I decided that this particular project is not supposed to be taken too seriously, so have fun with your colors! For this collection I went with 80’s/90’s ski wear as my inspiration. I tried to keep to a similar yarn size, but even that is unnecessary. The thinner the yarn the more ornament will be exposed and that could be very nice too. Especially if you wrap a mirrored glass ornament!

Project info

Name: Retro Christmas Ornaments
Craft: Crochet

Hooks & yarn

Hook: 4.5 mm

 Vicky Brehm – Cera Boutique 2015


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