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Cream Bernat Blanket



I made one of these super plush blankets for a friend as a Christmas gift and I loved it so much I had to make one for myself! For this particular blanket, I used Bernat Blanket yarn using a half double crochet stitch and a p/11.5 mm hook. My blanket measures 72″ by 44″, perfect for a large couch throw. As for the starting chain count in foundation row, I have my own foolproof way of starting blankets. It’s very simple, what I do is chain what I think will be a good width for my blanket. Then I place a safety pin in the last loop so it doesn’t unravel. Then I take the other end of the skein and begin crocheting across the chain, starting at the first chain  stitch. That way I can add or take away from the row because both the chain row and the stitch rows are active. Once you have achieved the desired width of the blanket you can cut and weave in the end of the ends of the chain row yarn. I hope this isn’t to vague too be helpful and I hope you enjoy!
Vicky Brehm – Cera Boutique 2015

22 thoughts on “Cream Bernat Blanket

    1. I hate to say, because I’m not exactly sure… I think I started with 8 and had to buy more. So let’s say, 10 for good measure. (For a king size bed) For a throw, I would say 6 skeins would make a good size. Hope this is a little helpful.


    1. I’m thinking 8? I guessing, though. Buy more than you think you need and return what you don’t use. That would probably be me best advice. At the time I worked at a craft store, so I bought one at a time, with coupons, as I needed them. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.


    1. I’m sorry, I don’t. But it is very simple, actually. What I do is chain what I think is a good estimate for the blanket width I’d like to make. Without cutting the chain yarn, I put a safety pin through the loop, so it doesn’t unravel. Then, I work the other end in the first chain made in desired stitch and pattern. If I need less chains, I unravel it before cutting and securing the base chains length of yarn. If I need more, I keep making the chain until I have enough and cut the yarn and secure it. I hope this helps!


  1. Genius idea for the starting chain!!!
    Why didn’t I think of that? LOL
    I have also made throws out of this yarn (using a simple wave pattern and different colors). I think i used 8-9 skeins as well (which I bought also one at a time with coupons and discounts, because at $10 apiece, that can get pretty pricey). They were so great and plush. The recipients loved them and my grandmother is wanting one, now.


  2. I would love a tutorial on your foundation idea 🙂 My simple mind cannot figure out what you are doing, but if it’s an easy thing, I’d love to learn it.


  3. Thanks so much for the great idea about the first two rows of this beautiful blanket. I am a beginning crocheter and would love more specific directions, though, as to whether I begin in the second chain for the second row, do I chain 1 or 2 at the end of the row, where do I start the third row, etc.? Once I get the first three rows, I’m good to go (as long as it isn’t a complicated pattern), but I would really appreciate your help getting to that fourth row. Thanks.


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