Crochet Barbie Dress

Crochet Barbie Dress - Cera Boutique

Crochet Barbie Dress - Cera Boutique

My mom crocheted this dress for me when I was about five, while she was being treated for cancer. She has since fought and survived two separate cancers; endometrial and ureter. We would visit her often while she was in the hospital and on one occasion she asked me to bring a barbie next time. The next time I came, I did, not knowing why.

She was also a nurse on staff at the very same hospital and floor. As she tells the story,  all her nurses kept wondering why she was playing with a barbie, thinking she was a weirdo. She would crochet the top portion, try it on the doll and remove it, take out some stitches and make it a little bigger or smaller, until it fit just right. By the time it was complete all her friends were very happy to know that their co worker wasn’t into dolls, just keeping herself busy and making her daughter a little gift for her doll. I’m a bit older now and I still cherish it like anyone would their grandma’s wedding ring.

Vicky Brehm – Cera Boutique 2015


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