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Recycled Sari Silk Crochet Purse

I used this ravelry pattern to get started, with strands of sari silk and cotton yarn. Using my limited sewing expertise I was able to sew together a cotton lining with a zipper that is securely attached.

What is sari silk?
100% Recycled sari silk yarn: This multi colour sari Yarn is by product of colourful saris that women wear in India. It is the loose end of saris collected from Industrial mills in India that is hand spun into yarn. because it is handspun each hank is uniqueThe colours are rich and vibrant with a gorgeous depth and dramatic colour combinations. An excellent yarn for all types of textile projects requiring rich colour and texture including knitting and crochet, weaving and braids and embellishment within quilts, patchwork and embroidery alsoinspiration designers and artisans
There is a slight lustre to the appearance of the recycled sari silk yarn and you can still see the woven texture of some of the strips of fabric that have been spun together, so the selvedges and sometimes strands of metallic threads just add a slightly crisper handle to the yarn. The yarn has no elasticity so use it along with another yarn to add some stretch and memory.
Vicky Brehm – Cera Boutique 2015

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