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Market Totes

Honestly, I think these market bags were made to distract me from another project that was going slowly. I was deep in the makings of the Large Circle in Square Blanket, which ended up being a king size bed topper. I got tired of doing the same thing over and over, so I wanted a quick win, which turned into a huge ordeal on its own…

So here goes. I have my yarn some what organized by type and sometimes I like to challenge myself to use up all one variety (so I can have a reason to by more, of course). I started with the green, brown and tan that I had in I Love This Cotton Yarn (which is very soft, by the way). I began following Jen Mitchell’s super easy and awesome pattern, Beach Waves Bag. I finished that one and successfully depleted my stock of those colors. Hooray! Then I was inclined to make another using what I had in the blues and whites same brand of yarn. Turns out I had quite a bit of that! I made a second bag following the same pattern. Then a third following a modified version of Brittany’s Granny Square Tote Pattern. Then a fourth, at this point free-styling and using techniques from all of the patterns. Successfully using most of the yarn I had in that brand. I only ended up with about a half a sandwich bags worth left. Mission accomplished! “But what if little things try to find their way out of the little holes?” you ask? “Well I guess I’ll have to line them with fabric.” I said. Here we go again… More trips to the craft store, this time for fabric and then I had to drag out the sewing machine too. I’m not even good at sewing!!! What kind of crafty monster had I allowed myself to dream up, while simply looking for a quick win? Who knows, but I was determined to complete each and everyone of these handy helpers! I was on a role and I got them all done. And I’m proud of what I made and I use the green one almost everyday! Hooray!!!


Beach Waves Bag

Pattern by Jen Mitchell


These bags where made from an adapted pattern:

Granny Square Tote

Pattern by B. Hooked Crochet


Vicky Brehm – Cera Boutique 2016


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