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Large Circle in Square Crochet Afghan

My goodness! I finally finished this sucker! Between my work schedule and the stinking shoulder issues I’ve been dealing with, it probably took twice if not three times as long for me to make. In any case, I’m very very happy with how it came out. I don’t even mind the imperfections that I found when I was seaming the squares together. Besides no will notice them but me, any way!

Project info

Name: Large Circle in Square Blanket
Craft: Crochet

Hooks & yarn

Hook: 5.0 mm (H)

SIC bed angle



Circle In Square Blanket - Cera Boutique


Vicky Brehm – Cera Boutique 2016



21 thoughts on “Large Circle in Square Crochet Afghan

  1. Thank you for this pattern & the chart helps IF there are mistakes. So sorry to hear about your shoulder pain! Getting older isn’t for sissies! Crocheting & knitting is supposed to be therapeutic! Blessings!

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    1. I usually start with the corners. I’ll do 2 of the 4 double treble crochet and end the last round in the same corner space with the chain 3 and then slip stitch into the top of the starting treble. Let me know if this helps.


    1. cera82v • 4d, 5h
      I not to sure, but I ended up using 12 different colors. As far a skeins go, a fair guess would be 24 of the color (2 skeins of each) and 6-8 of the white. Definitely a guesstimate, though.


  2. Hi, I’ve made a couple of squares now and they’re lovely! But they don’t seem to be laying flat, any idea what I’m doing wrong?


  3. I’ve been quite strict with the counting and I think I’ve followed it correctly, I’m not sure if I’m joining the ends correctly as it looks quite untidy! Maybe that’s why it’s not flat too? My other thought was maybe the wrong size wool? I’m using wool that needs a 5mm hook. I’m still quite an amateur crocheter, so apologies if any of this sounds silly! Here’s a couple of photos anyhow……..


    1. They actually do look a lot like mine did. The next thing you’ll need to do is block them. You can use a spray bottle and any blocking technique you desire. Sometimes I even use a knitting loom round. Let me know if this is helpful. 🙂


      1. I did think about blocking them as they lay flat when i stretch them out a bit. Thank you for all your help, you’re a super star 🙂 xx


  4. Hello! I am just starting out this project. I have a question about round 2. It says to Dc2tog but then it’s not matching the pattern. Looks like it’s stretching too much to get to the next stitch. Any ideas? Thank you!!


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