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Green Lemonade Bottle Inspired Baby Blanket

I just love granny squares. They’re so simple and cute. And I’m also very fascinated with the idea of using color palettes from pictures as my color inspiration. This is the inspiration for this blanket.
I like working with motifs because I can make a blanket in sections and stack them as I go. Somehow, it feels like I’m getting my project done a little faster. 49 cute little squares patiently waiting to become a blanket.


I’ve found that knitting looms are a great way to block squares. I just give them a spritz of water and let them dry. Although, some of the looms don’t have and equal amount of pegs so sometimes they come out a little funny shaped.


This baby blanket is a crocheted in a granny square motif, in salmon, mint green, sky blue and smokey grey. Using a 5 mm crochet hook and Caron 1 Pound worsted weight yarn. It measures 33 inches by 33 inches. The yarn is 100 % Acrylic and soft. A perfect throw blanket for the stroller or crib. You can wash it on delicate cycle or hand wash and hang to dry.
Vicky Brehm 2016 – Cera Boutique Shop



9 thoughts on “Green Lemonade Bottle Inspired Baby Blanket

  1. Since we moved to Canada I have been obsessed with translating my surroundings into knitting and crochet work. Erickaeckles recommended Knitsonik and her book on stranded colourwork. It is very inspiring. I love how you’ve used coral in this blanket.


      1. Wow, that is hot! My childhood summers were spent in Kelowna where my Grandma lived. We considered settling there but it’s just too busy there now. We go back there regularly though just for the fruit!


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