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Peacock Crochet Wrapped Ornaments


When I first discovered how to make these adorable ornaments, I admittedly, went a little crazy with it… I went straight to my local craft store and I bought up all the clear and mirrored ornaments they had on hand. My big idea was that I was going to make a fortune selling crochet ornaments! Well, I made a few, sold a few and in the process, designed my owned pattern which I named Retro Crochet Ornament Pattern, available on Etsy. And it has been one of the more popular items in my shop!  Yay!

What I’m realizing as a crafter, is that sometimes patterns are a more profitable way to go. Although, it is so much more rewarding to carefully package, wrap and address something you have created and then send it away to its new home. And any profit can be spent buying more yarn!

Over the weekend I found myself rummaging around my craft room looking for something and I looked in the trunk that my sad ornament collection lives in and decided to make a few. I grabbed a couple little balls of leftover yarn and went at it. They green and the blue combo reminds me of peacock feathers, a happy little accident. I think they turned out pretty cure and I hope they sell pretty quickly in my shop, so I can buy more pretty yarn!!!

Vicky Brehm – Cera Boutique 2016


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