Yarn Crafters United Charity Group



I recently started a charity group at my work and I’m very excited about it! If anyone would like to participate, we will be donating in the Phoenix, AZ area.


I have been crocheting for some time now and have made many crocheted blankets, hats and other items to be sold online and given many as gifts. Recently, I’ve begun to find myself becoming less energized about my craft. And the more I researched donating to local charities, the more it felt like it was the right time to begin donating instead of profiting from my beloved hobby. What I discovered was just how many groups ARE accepting donations of knit and crochet items, particularly hats and blankets. And then it hit me, just how big this project could become, if I were to invite my fellow associates to join in on the fun! Which brings us to now, just starting our donation collection!

In an effort to maintain versatility and flexibility to whom we donate our collected items to, I’ve put together the following guidelines. –Vicky B.


Currently accepting donations of handmade

  • Hats – suited for ages 0-18 (please no bows or button for safety reasons)
  • Blankets – sizes ranging from 18” x 24” to 52” x 60
  • Must be new – never worn
  • Must be washable.
  • Clean – free of perfume, pet hair and smoke
  • Soft yarn is best- cotton, acrylic, silk, fleece or a blend is best. Do not use wool or alpaca as they can irritate the scalp.
  • We accept baby, children, youth, and adult hats.
  • Please use patterns that do not have gaps or large holes. A tighter stitch is best so that it covers the scalp.


Hat Sizes        Circumference          Height
Small               18” – 20”                      6.5” – 7”
Medium           20” – 22”                      7” – 8”
Large               22”- 24.5”                    8” – 10”



Other accepted items:

  • Yarn, Yarn, Yarn!!!
  • Accepting donations to purchase yarn and supplies

Upon submitting your knit or crochet item, please include a card with the following information:

Your name-

Item donated-

Yarn type-

Yarn brand-

Pattern Links:




http://www.Ravelry.com is a valuable resource for all things crochet and knit!

Vicky Brehm – Cera Boutique 2017


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